So sorry…
for the lack of posts lately. I will try finding more things to make stuff from novelas. 

And the gifs I reblogged (of William Levy) I made them but they are posted on another tumblr and I didn’t post them here first because it isn’t really from a novela.

So if you all didn’t know my favorite actor is on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) and I just love him so much. 

Its on ABC on Mondays at 8 PM (EST) and voting starts after the show ends at 10. So we should all vote for him and hope he wins!! :)

Ok just a little update. I will try getting more novela things up as soon as I find more videos its just hard finding them so if any of you guys have links to videos feel free to send them in with requests

Thank you so much for following :)!!

khaleesiconnor asked:
you guys still get on here?

Yes! Hello, we are here!! :)

Sorry we haven’t updated anything in a while. I will try to get some new stuff up as soon as I can!!

We have been busy preparing for the Holidays etc :)

Anonymous asked:
Can you make more Aurora and Mariano Gifs?? please pretty please :)

Sure we can try to :) 

Is there anything specific you want?

Like a certain scene? or Them kissing?

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